About us

Our objective is to provide the highest standards of flying training and to make it a thoroughly satisfying, rewarding and enjoyable experience for you.

Whether you are embarking on a professional career in aviation or planning to enjoy the skies as a Private Pilot, Exeter Flying School offers the very best grounding to set you up for the rest of your flying career.

Exeter Flying School is a Civil Aviation Authority Declared Training Organisation, operated by the Robin Flying Group which celebrates its 25th year operating at Exeter Airport in 2023.

In 2003, our long-term commitment to the airport was further consolidated by investing in a new 6000 square foot aircraft hangar to house our aircraft. We leased the land on which we built our hangar from the airport, initially on a 10 year lease, followed by the current 25 year lease.

What differentiates Exeter Flying School from other flight training organisations is an entirely different outlook and attitude – described as a breath of fresh air by students who have migrated to us after starting their training elsewhere.

Passion is the key! Exeter Flying School is driven by a passion for flying, flying excellence and the highest standards of aircraft, safety, training integrity and staff – in all of whom this passion is self-evident. The net result is an enthusiastic, caring and customer-orientated relationship with our students, who emerge as not just qualified but – much more importantly – capable and competent pilots.

The Robin Flying Group is well known for its unrivalled follow-up opportunities for qualified pilots. Our integration with the Robin Flying Group offers our students a diversity of opportunities and experience unheard of in most schools.

By the time they qualify, most will probably have been on multi-aircraft fly-outs including, perhaps, some to France and may even have done some (closely supervised!) formation flying. They will have had the opportunity to mix with a wide range of fellow pilots, many vastly experienced, including airline pilots and maybe even the occasional Spitfire pilot!

Exeter Airport makes a superb all-year-round base, with excellent flying facilities and almost certainly the best flying weather of any Westcountry airfield. It offers just the right mix of General Aviation and Airline activity to maximise training benefit and give students relevant experience to instill confidence when communicating with professional Air Traffic Control.

During the course of their training our students also fly to a range of smaller airfields to assure a good perspective of the wider picture.

Our position may be unique for a flying school on an International Airport in the UK – with our own premises and hangar right by the runway with a brilliant view of all comings and goings.

The hangar houses our fleet of exceptionally smart, well-maintained aircraft which are in a different class from the disappointing offerings of most flying schools which in many cases have to live outdoors.  They are maintained on-site in our hangar, ensuring optimum availability for training.

What may surprise potential students are our relatively low charges in relation to our quality of service. These are achieved through prudent long-term control of aircraft, premises and maintenance facilities – ultimately enabling us to deliver “more bang for your buck!”